Reading Made Easier

I bought a Kindle in early March. I had a nice funeral honorarium and used it to by the e-reader. My wife was not happy. The money could have been saved. I splurged. I haven’t been sorry I bought it. It’s an amazing tool. Amazon just announced the other day that Kindle Books are outselling regular books. No surprise, there.

The Kindle is perfect for buying complete works. I bought Shakespeare and Dickens. I might buy Mark Twain’s works too. I’ve also downloaded a number of “classic” books for free, not to mention some newer “paid” titles.

Will Kindle, Nook, etc. be the death of paper books? I hope not. There will always be a need for books that need to be held. I love the feel, the look, and especially the SMELL of books. They comfort me. Just having some around me makes me feel better. Is this breaking the First Commandment? Yeah, I think so. But books are so cool!

The Kindle makes my life quite handy. I have a couple of Bible translations on there, not to mention a couple of Book of Concord translations. There’s some other religious titles that are reference material when I’m away from the study.

The zeal to read has returned thanks to the Kindle. That zeal is not contained to e-books. I don’t mind picking up a real, live, paper book either. There’s something about a book that brings comfort to me.

– KT


One Response to “Reading Made Easier”

  1. Mrs.KnowThyself Says:

    For the record, I was beyond mad at you for buying the Kindle not because “the money could have been saved” but because we had a deal that if you lost a certain amount of weight, I would buy it for you. I was saving up my amazon codes from the on-line surveys I take and would have easily gotten you a free Kindle by the time you lost the weight. Yes, it happened at a time when our savings was getting really low because we kept needing to dip into it for various things like car repairs, but what made me even madder was that you broke our deal because of lack of self-discipline. You are forgiven. I won’t ever stop loving you and forgiving you and I know you’ll try harder to resist temptations like this in the future.


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