Going Home

Tomorrow after Divine Service we’re off to my hometown for a couple days of R and R before the crunch of Holy Week hits. It’s my daughter’s “spring break” and if we don’t get away now we’ll never get away.

Going home makes me a bit dyspeptic. I have so many memories of home. My parents’ house was the only house I knew until I left for seminary. My hometown is dying a slow and tragic death. There are so many empty storefronts, so many business no longer there. Everything is depressed.

Add to that the notion of perhaps stopping through where I used to serve in order to show our daughter where she used to live. I’m still not sure I’m ready to do that right now. Memories are still fresh four years after leaving.

I’ll get to see some family, maybe some friends too. My folks are getting older, so I cherish every moment I’m home. They may not be around too much longer.

My current home feels more and more like home every day. We love our little town. I love my congregation. They treat me better than I deserve. I mean that. Perhaps this is how my parents felt when they first moved to my home town. It has become more home for them than where they grew up.

Not much else to say.

– KT


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