Starting My Day the Right Way

If I don’t start my day the right way, everything crashes and burns.

Today my daughter forgot her backpack. She didn’t realize it until we were at school…14 MILES AWAY.

I drove back home, got the backpack, delivered the backpack, then turned around and drove another 12 miles in a different direction for car repair and an errand. It was after 10 A.M. by the time all this running around was done. Needless to say, NOTHING was accomplished today except prayer and a bit of meditation on the sermon text for this weekend. Did I mention the oil change on one of our cars this morning?

OK, at least that much was accomplished. Not bad for a so-called unproductive day. Nevertheless, if the day doesn’t start the right way, I’m knocked for six (as we cricket lovers say).

Routine is a good thing. I get up, help get the children ready, dress myself, shower (if I didn’t shower the previous night), eat breakfast, check e-mail and news on Internet, dawdle on the Internet (hopefully not too long), then go to work next door at church. If anything, I mean anything, foreign enters the picture (I don’t count taking our daughter to school, I do that semi-frequently), fuggedaboutit. The day is ruined. I’m off course and drifting.

What keeps you on task when an unplanned event occurs that throws off your daily rhythm? I’d love to know because I need the help in the productivity department.

– KT


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