I Am Still Alive

Do not worry. Do not adjust your set (or computer). I am still here. There is not much to write about because life has been busy since child #3 arrived. I am still struggling with Internet addiction. I take one step forward and two steps back more times than I can tell you. Added to the problem is the fact that we just swapped computers this week. So I’ll be spending time trying to figure out what goes where and how it goes together. It’s a jigsaw puzzle without the top of the box!

I see my counselor every other month. I’m thinking about asking whether or not she and I can do some more in-depth work together. Maybe it’s me, maybe it’s nothing, but I am renewed after visiting her, but the afterglow lasts a day or two before I’m right back where I was before I saw her.

I switched to generic Effexor a few weeks ago. Saved quite a bit in our pocketbook. I don’t notice a change except the capsule is blaze orange rather than burgundy.

I’ve put on weight…again. So I’ve cut back on soda and ice cream. I would like to walk but the cooler weather isn’t a motivator, not to mention the lack of sunshine. The closest gym is 15-20 minutes away and we’d rather not afford joining a gym if we have to drive. Anyone know a good dietician willing to meet with me and counsel me for cheap?

Good news: My congregation (whom I love to pieces) approved an addition on our small house. Come spring there will be a 16X20 addition for a new living room. The current living room will be turned into a bedroom and bathroom for Mrs. PRKT and I. Our daughter will have her own room and the boys will have their own room. The congregation saw fit to give me a modest salary increase too. They were very apologetic about the size, but I’m tickled to have any sort of increase. Our family health plan went up almost 10 percent for 2011. Who knows what will happen this coming year for 2012. Only God knows. I’m not worrying.

Thanksgiving will be spent at my parents’ house. We’re taking the train because our three-m0nth-old doesn’t care for long car rides. Our usual Holiday trip behind the Cheddar Curtain (that’s Wisconsin for the uninitiated) will not take place this year. It’ll be the first Holiday season in seven years that we haven’t headed north after Christmas. However, my in-laws are planning a visit here that week! They are far more mobile than we are right now.

I’m looking forward to a new Church Year and a busy, but rewarding holiday season. I hope you are too, whomever you are, wherever you are.

Pax Christi tecum!

– KT


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