Jesus Is NOT My Prozac

The signboard of a local congregation (not Lutheran) says, “Jesus Is My Prozac”.

OK, this is wrong in a myriad of ways.

1. This sign could lead people not to attend this congregation. Cheesy church signs do not equal instant evangelism success.

2. This sign, though well intentioned, insults the First Article gift of medicine to alleviate clinical depression. I’m medicated. Though a committed Christian, I still need medication to help me function. Do I walk around in a fog, paranoid over every aspect of my life? Or do I take 150mg of Effexor XR and feel like a decent human being? Effexor = WIN.

3. Our Lord Christ should not be compared to an anti-depressant medication. He does more for His people than make them feel happy. He forgives sins with His innocent suffering and death. He restores life with His resurrection from the dead.

Jesus Christ is NOT my Prozac. Jesus Christ is my Savior, Who has rescued me from everlasting death, washed me clean in baptismal waters, forgives my sins and the sins of all believers, and feeds me with His True Body and Blood. Prozac cannot be compared to Word and Sacraments.

– KT


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