Behavior Modification

Here I sit, writing a post about modifying behavior, when I should be praying or studying or writing a sermon!  AARGH!! Welcome to my life!

Nonetheless, here goes.

One of the keys to getting away from the computer and getting back to being a family man is modifying behavior. A key phrase I learned a while back is “It will be there when you get back.” Work is always in the study when I leave. It doesn’t go anywhere. It will be there tomorrow. It waits through my day off and will be there the next day.

The same goes for time-sucking things like the Internet. It will be there when you get back. Do what is given you to do right now. When you finish, it will be there. When you need to do something, do it. Whatever you were doing will be there when you finish.

I’m beating the dead horse but the point is made. You can put stuff down to do other, more important, things.

Now, I must finish this blog post and get to praying. A sermon awaits. Hopefully some shut-in calls await too.

– KT


One Response to “Behavior Modification”

  1. I really do struggle with much the same problem. I wonder what it is about the Internet that makes it so addicting? Is it the escapism?

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