Things are much better than they were earlier in the week. I’ve cut back on my Internet time. I’ve spent lots of time with my children. Now if I can only spend time alone with my wife! Three years we’ve been here and haven’t really gone on a “date  night”. An 18-month-old boy who still nurses makes it difficult to go out. Add to that not knowing whom to ask to babysit and fear of how much it would cost us for a babysitter.

Any ideas for a stay-at-home date night? I’m all ears.

– KT


3 Responses to “Update”

  1. All kids tucked into bed ridiculously early with instructions to stay in their room reading or playing so quietly that Mom & Dad don’t know they’re not asleep. Super-easy but elegant supper from the freezer section of the grocery store — hors d’oeuvres and cordon bleu and stuffed mushrooms and those long skinny green beans and a bottle of wine and a little cheesecake. Maybe a card game or Chinese checkers or something like that. A movie.

    May not work so well with one little enough to still be nursing. But hey, it’ll be more romantic and less frustrating than taking the 18-mo-old along to a nice restaurant.

  2. A grandma in the congregation may be willing to watch the children for a couple hours in the afternoon or early evening. This has worked from time to time and it avoids leaving children with others at their bedtime (which is difficult on everyone).

    Also, is there another pastor family in your circuit with kids. If yes, you might watch their kids this Friday and they can watch yours next Friday, etc. The cost/benefit works well for both families.

    And finally, you are in my prayers. This is a difficult situation and brings much stress on the family. It nearly broke ours and certainly added to my depression and fatigue.

  3. James Leistico Says:

    my sister is most likely accepting a call to be principal at a school in Kankakee. She is awesome with kids (and with parents not used to being able to go out without kids. She sent Laura and I on our first date after Emma was born… though in hindsight, we should have chosen some movie besides “Finding Nemo”!)

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