Did You Miss Me?

I missed you. It’s been a while since last I wrote. Many things have happened.

My wife and I had a “come to Jesus” talk a while back about my Internet addiction. I spend countless hours of my free time surfing the Internet rather than spending time with family. She had had enough of that. I’ve been careful to monitor my time, yet I still slip into old habits that die hard. I’m working on it. I ask for your prayers to be more attentive to the needs of my family rather than my own selfish ways.

I finished my final round of Doxology training. For my non-Lutheran readers, Doxology is a program for pastors studying where the classic care of souls meets Christian psychology. It’s a fantastic program that is bound to impact pastors and their congregations in a positive way.

I’ve had an issue in my parish for some time with one particular family. There has been no resolution to the situation and the whole thing has been on and off my mind for quite some time. I’ve done all that I can do to make it better. I leave the whole thing in God’s Hands.

While there has been disappointment, there has also been joy. I love my congregation dearly. They have been so good to me and to my family. Those things I could complain about is nothing compared to what others suffer. I pray for my brother pastors in strife where they serve. I pray for my brother pastors who struggle with their vocation too.

I struggle with my health. I’ve picked up some pounds lately that need to be dropped. I’m lazy to exercise. I don’t want to exert the needed energy to walk, ride a bike, or do some other activity. The activities I like to do aren’t what you call “exercise”. At least I make an attempt to be active. God be praised that I haven’t had the nasty virii floating around.

As the days grow shorter, I hope to write a bit more about my illness and how I’m working through it. I don’t like dreary days, but that’s what I expect over the next few months. Time to keep positive, stay in God’s Word, and serve my vocation to the best of my ability.

I hope today finds you well. This All Saints Day I fondly remember my family members who have died in the faith, especially my paternal grandparents, one of whom (grandpa) I never met. He died long before I was born. Mara natha.



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