Depression, 19th Century Style

A new book by Pr. Matthew Harrison arrived a while back. The book is called “At Home in the House of My Fathers“. It’s a collection of mostly untranslated writings from Missouri Synod fathers up to circa 1935.

The above link sends you to some audio snippets from the book. I encourage you to listen to “Walther’s Breakdown“. This isn’t a bluegrass tune. This is a letter C.F.W. Walther writes to his congregation in St. Louis, MO about his impending departure away from duties so he may recuperate from depression. It is nothing short of a love letter to his congregation. It drips of pastoral concern and consolation.

Depression was real in the 19th century. It is real today. Depression attacks pastors as it attacks any other person. Perhaps it attacks pastors harder. I don’t know. I can only speak for myself.

Listen. Listen to how Walther loves his flock as they love him with great concern for his mental health. God give us the strength and courage to love all those who suffer from mental illness!



One Response to “Depression, 19th Century Style”

  1. Stunning, I did not know about this topic up to now. Cheers.

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