Holy Crap, You’re A Preacher!

That’s the response I got when I “friended” on Facebook someone I knew in college. I suppose this means my friend is stunned that I entered the Holy Ministry. My Facebook friend’s response has been the most vocal so far of those whom I lost contact with years ago.

There are days when I wake up and say something similar to the title of this post. I have to do what’s been given me to do. Sometimes it’s pleasant, sometimes it’s not pleasant. There are days when I wish I could play card games on the Internet instead of reading, praying, or studying. There are days when an act of God is almost necessary for me to visit shut-ins.

I rag on myself about being lazy. At least I am trying is the response some friends give me. I suppose trying counts rather than giving up and letting another agenda take over my day.

If you knew me “back in the day”, chances are you wouldn’t be surprised I ended up a pastor. There are those who are stunned that the Lord would use a rotten, filthy, conniving toad like me to preach the Gospel and administer the Sacraments. Consider Saint Paul. Consider Saint Augustine. Consider Blessed Martin Luther. That fellow had quite a mouth on him!

That’s the Theology of the Cross for you. God uses the least likeliest of people to deliver the blessed Gifts of forgiveness and eternal life. Thanks be to God for all His faithful pastors and people, especially those who struggle daily with mental wellness.



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