Coming to Terms

I’ve often wondered if one of the causes of my depression has been where I once served as pastor. It was my first Call out of seminary. There were many things I loved about serving there. There were some things that made my years there difficult. The difficult times weigh on my memory more than the happy times.

Now that some time has passed since I left there, I have come to terms with the years I served there. I saw a couple from my former parish last weekend. It was good to see them. I thought there might be some bitterness, but none was evident. I also talked on the telephone with someone from my former parish this week. Again, it was good to touch base with them.

The hurt and pain of what I went through (or perhaps what I brought on myself) is almost gone, praise God! Time does heal wounds. The next leap is to return there someday to see people face-to-face. I don’t know when that will happen, but someday.

There may be pastors who could never do what I want to do. Their wounds will always stay fresh. I pray for my brothers who were or are hurt while feeding their flock. There are brighter days ahead.



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