Not the Best of Weekends

I wish this weekend would go away.

We had an extremely small crowd at church today. Really tiny. Almost not worth having church size. The usual platitudes about people being fed and the right people hearing the sermon isn’t cutting it.

It’s not just this weekend. It’s been this way all summer. Sure, church attendance goes down when the temperature goes up. It’s a fact of life. I’m used to it. But this summer has been tremendously bad. I’m about ready to call the elders and cancel worship until after Labor Day. Maybe I should just stay home one Sunday. When people come to church and don’t see me, they will come looking for me. I’ll be either in bed or in a comfy chair telling them I’m not coming to church. I’m taking the Sunday off, just like they do most of the time.

I’ve come up with some fantastic ideas for my congregation, but it seems no one cares. It’s not for lack of trying. It’s lack of communal energy to pull it off. When a majority of the congregation could be card carrying members of AARP, it’s difficult to do a lot of “fun” things that build camaraderie. Those days are over.

I’m lonely where I serve. I don’t know too many people in the town I live. I wasn’t born and raised here. Quite a few of my members do not live in the town I serve. The ones that do stay to themselves. How can I serve in this town when I don’t know more than a handful of people?

So I guess I’ll just keep on doing what God has given me to do. Lots of shut-ins to see this week. There’ll be time for reading and praying and thinking. Vacation looms in the not-so-distant future. It’ll be good to get out of here.

Pray for me. I need all the help I can get.

(thumps head on desk)



6 Responses to “Not the Best of Weekends”

  1. Pr. KT,

    I was a PK and a Navy Brat for twenty years of my life or so. Dad served on both Coasts, in Japan, and a bunch of states in between. We never seemed to be around family and friends would come and go about as often as we did, but never in the same shifts. Everything was in flux. It was during this time that I started to learn how to enjoy my own company and the company of my immediate family. I learned about hobbies I love, some of which I still keep (a couple are girly, I admit: crocheting and sewing, but the care taking of birds has been a life long thing for me).

    When I got married, I was moved away from my folks to a state I had never lived in, in a completely unfamiliar area. I know what it is like to be lonely. There aren’t too many couples around who don’t have children and are Confessional Lutheran around my area. I feel like I have been lonely like you are describing almost my entire time up here in Wisconsin.

    I can’t really give any advice, but if you have some, I’d love to hear it. Just know you aren’t alone. There are others like you out there. On top of all that, Christ has been there and He still loves you and died for you so that you might live with Him eternally. Just keep that in mind! 🙂

  2. Prayers ascending…

    Hangeth thou in there.

  3. My friend,
    I can totally relate – though attendance wasn’t as low as yours, no where near the level that would induce thoughts of cancellation, it was much lower than it should have been – and like you say, worse than previous summers. Loneliness, lack of energy, lack of interest, all these are things I struggle with too. Proving, I guess, that no temptation has seized me except that which is common to man… which then gives some credence to the next part – But God is faithful!
    perhaps you will find some help in Pr. Stuckwisch’s wise words that have helped me this morning.

    Remembering you in my prayers with much love in Christ,

  4. (I just noticed today’s commemoration is Elijah. He is not the only one who needed the strength provided in 1 Kings 19.)

  5. Still praying and posted some thoughts from Spurgeon where I hope you may find the Balm of Gilead:

  6. Second thoughts….

    I wish I had just said “still praying and posted the link straight to the article that is most pertinent for your situation instead of my own blog. Here is the link to the best article I know of to deliver the Balm of Gilead. Blessings:

    Please forgive. 😦

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