Jesus Died for That Person Too

This blog post came across my screen a while back. What I like the most is this quote:

Pr. Scott Bruzek once said something along the lines of, “Look at all people as ones for whom Jesus died.”  Though that sounds trite, it is actually quite profound.  It is the way that Christ looked even at those who nailed Him to the cross.  It is the way that the martyrs of the early church looked at those who were burning them for their confession of the faith.

I tried this recently. It works! It’s hard, especially when there are people present you don’t like or vice versa. But it works. Jesus died for that person too…the person who still holds a grudge…the person who will never understand a particular point of doctrine…the person who exasperates everyone…the person you call your best friend.

Try it sometime. It might blow your mind. I’m still picking up shards of brain.



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