Hanging In There

Thank you for hanging in there with me. It’s been a crazy busy last couple of weeks. I’m settled in at home and trying to get back into the swing of my schedule.

I went to the psychiatrist yesterday. He offered me the opportunity to up my dosage of Effexor. I declined. The weather is much better these days so I’m hoping the great outdoors will help my mood. Outside of one of our children testing my patience to the nth degree, things have gone well.

I’m also hoping to read more this summer. Reading combined with earlier bedtimes (I couldn’t get much sleep a few months ago, now I can’t get enough sleep!) will make a happier, more active me, God willing. I haven’t forgotten about my book reports about depression books. I bought this one at a reduced price a few weeks back.

Life calls. Will right write soon.



One Response to “Hanging In There”

  1. Let me know what you think of Kathleen’s book. I’ve been wanting to read it myself!


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