Once Again to Anxiety

I get back from vacation and what do I do? Fall headlong into meetings for a few days! Ach! I preach the Gospel and administer the Sacraments for free. My congregation pays me to go to meetings!

I had a nice chat with a pastor the other day. We were discussing a particular issue that affects both of us. After our conversation I had some peace of mind about our shared issue. Then these words struck me from the 1979 Book of Common Prayer:

For all who have commended themselves to our prayers; for our families, friends, and neighbors; that being freed from anxiety, they may live in joy, peace, and health…

I like this petition. I like the whole prayer (Form V). There’s a lot of anxiety in the Ministry. You want people to like you yet you know not everyone will like you. When you do the right thing there will be people who think you have chosen the “nuclear option”. Peace and harmony is a good thing. Yet there will not be peace and harmony in this world when it comes to the Gospel. So we pastors take up our cross and follow Jesus, Who was wounded for our sakes. Putting it another way, we keep on keepin’ on. We do what’s been given us to do, not worrying about the consequences yet remaining faithful to the Lord of the living harvest.

It’s late. I’m tired. Your turn.



3 Responses to “Once Again to Anxiety”

  1. I’m not familiar with that prayer. Thanks for the note. Be at peace. Christ’s work is complete on the cross. Deliver the gifts. Preach the Gospel. Rest when you can.

  2. Anxiety and I are old friends. We knew each other in early childhood. It’s not an easy thing to push away. It’s hard, especially when you want to do the right thing and want others to recognize you for doing the right thing. I will be praying for you! Just know that you are covered in Christ no matter if people agree or disagree with you.

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