Merrily We Roll Along

Things are moving right along in the parish. Confirmation is on Pentecost so I’m getting my confirmands ready for the big day. I have a continuing education opportunity in May too. Did I mention vacation later this week? It’s about time! I’m looking forward to leaving the area for a few days for some relaxation and maybe a bit of rest.

I have my fourth visit with my new therapist tomorrow. I enjoy visiting with the doctor. We will decide where to go with therapy tomorrow. I might transition to once a month rather than once a week. We’ll see.

The medication continues to help. So does the schedule. I got off schedule last week due to other matters. I noticed how listless I felt all day. It will be nice to get back on track and anchor myself to the clock.

If I don’t write before, I’ll write again when I return from vacation. God bless your Eastertide with great joy and peace in Jesus Christ, our Savior!



One Response to “Merrily We Roll Along”

  1. I’m glad to hear things are going well. Enjoy your vacation!

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