The Best Easter Yet

Should I ever want to leave my current congregation, put me in a cyber stranglehold! What a beautiful day Easter was! Two Divine Services with Easter Breakfast and Egg Hunt in between, a mid-morning Martini with a friend and parishoner, and a Greek feast like I’ve never eaten for supper! What a tremendous day to celebrate Christ’s resurrection from the dead!

I literally slept around the clock. I went to bed a little after nine last night and woke up a little after nine this morning! Six services in four days tucker a fellow out just a mite! Today I’m taking it easy. I have my therapist appointment this afternoon. It’s a gloomy day here so I might do some reading and let my body and mind recharge. A good friend is coming to visit later this week and I might make a road trip with a friend later in the week too. There’s an Ikea not far from where I live and I’m hankering some Swedish Pancakes before looking at DIY furniture.

Easter week is one of rest and relaxation for the pastor. Pray for them that they might recharge and refocus on the One Thing Needful.

Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! Alleluia!



One Response to “The Best Easter Yet”

  1. Great post KT! Like you, I found the liturgy over the past few days to be extremely encouraging to me personally. Our Easter Vigil service was just wonderful. I love the Anglican liturgy for the vigil!

    It’s good to hear things went well. Rest up!

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