Preacher, Proclaim to Thyself!

Of the time I’ve served in the Ministry, about half of it has been with a full complement of the Sacred Triduum. If I did the Vigil of Easter at a former parish, the people would have thought I was from the planet Venus. Where God has put me now, the people are starting to catch on to the full complement of the Triduum. This is a joyful thing and worthy of God’s praise!

Every year, more and more, that I preside at Maundy Thursday, the Good Friday Chief Service, the Good Friday Vespers, and the Vigil of Easter, the liturgies grab my head and keep it focused on Christ crucified. I don’t know if it’s the meds clearing the fog in my head, but this year I am more edified by the services of Holy Week than ever before. The silences, the Scripture, the prayers, the Body and Blood, and the hymns all come together to proclaim an end to the devil’s reign of death and the consummation of Christ’s sacrifice for sin.

It seems we pastors forget to take the time to meditate on these things with our people. Such is not the case for me this year. I’m listening to what I’m preaching. I’m praying alongside my flock. I’m being fed with them and I’m loving every second of it!

Would to God more people come to know and believe the power of forgiveness in Jesus Christ through Word and Sacraments!

Consummatum est. Deo gratias.



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