My New Therapist

It’s like deja vu all over again! I love to tell the story of my life and times to people I’ve never met. I love to talk about myself to people who just listen! Maybe that’s why I love therapy!

Granted the above sentences are arrogant and self-centered. But when you meet a new therapist there’s this thing called “history” and/or “intake”. The therapist needs to get to know you.

That’s what happened this week. I met a new therapist. The person listened to me talk about myself for a whole hour. We will meet again next week and for two more weeks after. Then we will decide whether or not to continue meeting.

What made me happy was to hear the therapist say that my psychiatrist upped my meds as much as he did. Usually “shrinks” know anti-depressants better than family physicians.

Speaking of meds, I enjoy the higher dosage. My energy level is up, my ability to get things done is infinitely better than before. Most of that can be attributed to a schedule, but increased dosages of meds have to help too. All this pent-up energy helped me finish Holy Week preparations early so I could have time to meditate privately on Christ’s Passion and Death.

I’ll have more on therapy later. Thanks for reading and tell a friend who suffers from depression to read too. There’s a blogroll on the right side that gives other places to visit after you’ve stopped here.



2 Responses to “My New Therapist”

  1. I’m glad to hear the drugs are working well and you’re pursuing therapy. Both things have been a near constant in my life over the past couple of years. The meds help but the therapy really helps since it creates space for me to talk about how things are with someone who will listen. It doesn’t feel safe to do that with most people.

    Pax to you.

  2. Yay! Things are going well! I am glad! I am keeping you in my prayers, Pr. KT!

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