Double Down, But Not Out

Today I visited a psychiatrist. It’s my first visit to a “shrink”. I wanted to get a “second opinion” of sorts concerning my depression. The doctor was very helpful. The first thing we will try is doubling my dosage of Effexor from 75 mg to 150 mg. I go back in three weeks to see how that’s working. I may need to go on some sort of stimulant to give me a little boost and to help keep my attention span going. He also gave me the name of a therapist to visit locally. I’m going to give the person a call and go back on therapy. I need it!

I’ve thought for a long time that I’ve had ADD or, at best, adult ADHD. My former doctor where I used to live blew off my pap diagnosis with “If you made it through seminary OK, you don’t have ADD.” You had to know my old doctor to love him!

If the doubled dose of Effexor doesn’t help, then it’s on to a stimulant. Time will tell.



2 Responses to “Double Down, But Not Out”

  1. That’s a goodly dosage of Effexor. You are aware of how hard it is to cycle back on it, right? I pray it works out for you.

  2. I’ve been taking the 75mg dose for about six months. The doctor advised me of a possibility of suicidal thoughts, but research shows adults over the age of 25 don’t have this issue with Effexor. If something strange happens, I will take appropriate action.

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