A Follow Up to Reading Books

A while back I posted about some books that I thought would be good reading about depression and anxiety. Here’s an update.

I started to read “Speaking of Sadness” by David Karp via interlibrary loan. I ran out of time and only got 1/4 of the way through. If I were to borrow someone’s copy or bought my own, I would more than likely finish the book. It’s not easy reading but I would like to finish the book at a more leisurely pace.

Today I bought “The Inner Voice of Love” by Henri Nouwen. I read his “The Genesee Diary” a few years ago and enjoyed his breezy style. The book is short which will make me want to read it sooner than later. I love to look at my big, thick books. Reading them is another story, especially when I am an antsy person. I digress.

The Fulton Sheen book is available at a local library. I’m waiting for a cheap copy of the Kathleen Norris book. Meanwhile, I have enough reading to last the rest of my life…and then some. My children (hopefully) will love to read. They can read them after (or before) I do.

Question: What books have been helpful for you as you work through our shared illness?



One Response to “A Follow Up to Reading Books”

  1. I have really enjoyed “Darkness is My Only Companion”. It’s written by an episcopal priestess, but thus far I’d say it is the best I’ve read from a Christian point of view.

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