Mothers are Smarter Than We Know

My mother came to visit a while back. The last time she was here, my father was here too. They left on an unhappy note because I yelled at my dad about a silly thing he didn’t mean to do. I was so stressed out that I didn’t realize how bad I hurt his feelings. He wouldn’t speak to me for a while. I wrote him a letter a couple weeks later apologizing for my behavior. Evidently he accepted my apology because not long after the letter it was as if my tantrum had never happened.

There really is no “evidently” about it. My mother told me how much he appreciated the letter. Men don’t tell other men about things like this; we’re just supposed to assume that all is well when an apology is given and received.

My mother also told me she knew I was sick in the head before I knew I was sick in the head. This conversation took place immediately after I told my mother that I was suffering from clinical depression and that I was taking medication and had seen a psychologist.

This incident proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that mothers are smarter than we give them credit. She knows me better than I know myself! I wish she would have told me that something wasn’t right with me at that time. But maybe I wasn’t ready to hear that news yet.

Moms are like that, especially mine. She wants me to discover things that she already knows. There are some instances where that can be harmful, but in this case it was the right thing.

I love my mom. But you probably guessed that, didn’t you?



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