News is working through the Lutheran blogosphere of the suicide of a pastor. The note quoted says the pastor suffered from depression for quite some time.

My heart aches for this man’s family. They have lost someone dear. My heart aches for Pr. McCain. He has lost a friend.

Suicide is something I thought I have not struggled with in my depression. But I sat down the other night and recalled the many times I semi-jokingly played with driving my car off the road for no apparent reason.

It’s not a joke when you come to the point of running your car off the road and ending your life. Mind you, I don’t believe I would have gone through with it. But the thought is there, and that’s scary enough.

Beloved, if you have feelings of helplessness and hopelessness, GET HELP NOW. Don’t delay. The life you save could be your own.



2 Responses to “Suicide”

  1. Thanks for your post. Well said.

    Todd Peperkorn

  2. Having been hospitalized twice for SI during my 10 years as a pastor, I know from whence this man comes. The devil seeks to sift us as wheat. He’ll use any means necessary to get us. He is relentless. But as Luther said:
    “I don’t share the opinion that suicides are certainly to be damned. My reason is that they do not wish to kill themselves but are overcome by the power of the devil. They are like a man who is murdered in the woods by a robber. . . . They are examples by which our Lord God wishes to show that the devil is powerful and also that we should be diligent in prayer. But for these examples, we would not fear God. Hence he must teach us in this way.” [Vol. 54:29].

    I preach and teach and counsel and I know that Christ has the last Word. A Word of comfort and grace, no matter what may come. I know we are called to suffer for the faith and I know that He will give us the strength to continue in the Word and faith.

    The devil cannot win. Christ has won the war! We are His and nothing can keep us out of His bosom.

    For those of you suffering from depression and despair, flee to the mercy of Christ Jesus! He won’t let you down like all the others. He will keep you safe in the arms of His mercy.

    I don’t know you but I understand you and I love you! The Lord will not let you go, no matter what.

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