Medicating without Medication

I went home to see some family members I hadn’t seen in a while. It was good to be with them. Though I have siblings, I don’t have much in common with them except sharing the same family name and family members. Some I have a close relationship, others I don’t. That’s life.

Eating a great Thanksgiving meal (I didn’t pig out as I’ve done in years past) and spending time with people I love but rarely see was a fantastic tonic. I should do it more often. I will, because I will make the time to do it in 2009.

Medication helps, as you read in the last post. It also helps to get in touch with the people you love frequently. I struggle to talk with my siblings. We have completely different interests. But there are some commonalities we share that make a conversation flow beyond “How’s the weather” and “What are you doing”.

Now that I’m intentionally trying harder to keep in touch with everybody “back home”, I feel better about myself. I’m not going off the meds anytime soon, but at least I know that my siblings still exist and care enough to take time to visit with me. Reconnecting with distant family is part of the continuing therapy “prescribed” by my therapist. There have been other things I’ve worked on over the last 3-4 months. I’ll talk about them another time.

Hope your Thanksgiving went well. Now we fall headlong into Advent and all the activity that goes with it. This will be a true test of how well I know myself after the events of this past summer. Will I go crazy? Will I scream, yell, and cry under pressure. Or will things move smoothly over the next four weeks? Time will tell. Stay tuned!



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