Anger Management

I take Effexor. It works for me. I have a decent quality of life…as long as I take my medication every day.

I forgot to take my medication yesterday. No wonder I’m on edge today. Every little thing is driving me up the wall. So much work to do before the weekend. So little time to do it. Then there is nagging questions from my wife. God bless her. They aren’t really nagging questions. But when you don’t take your medication the day before and she hits you with things she needs to know RIGHT NOW and you don’t have the information or you do have the information but it’s not right in front of you but she still needs to know RIGHT NOW….AAARRRGGGHHH!!!

Welcome to the inside of my head. Everything drives me crazy. A child saying the same thing over and over for 15 seconds. The phone ringing and no one can get to it immediately. Something that needs to work that doesn’t work. Stress and pressure building, building, building until you are ready to scream or lash out at someone or, worse yet, hit something.

Fortunately none of those things happened today. I could feel the drugs kicking in as my head went loopy for a while. I’m still on edge and probably will be for a little while longer.

The difference between the me of a few months ago and the me of today is that I didn’t throw a fit. I didn’t scream at someone for minutes on end when they didn’t deserved to be screamed at. I held my cool. I suppose that’s another step toward knowing myself.

I didn’t mean not to take my medication. But I learned a lesson today. Missing even one dose of Effexor brings a nasty day after. Let’s hope a good night’s sleep puts an end to my restless anger.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! It’ll be good to see some family again over the holiday. I hope the holiday doesn’t drive you crazy. If it does, I pray the Lord give you strength to work through your anger as I did today.



7 Responses to “Anger Management”

  1. cjsysreform Says:

    I have the same reaction when I miss a dose of Effexor. I wrote about it last night, in <a href="; title="a post about FDA safety alerts">. Hmm… I suppose I wandered a bit from my intended topic. Oh well.

    It’s been lovely to stumble across your writing. If you’ll permit it, I’d like to add you to my blogroll.

    Respect and regards,

  2. You may add me. Thank you!

  3. cjsysreform Says:

    Darn it… <a href=""&gt; here’s another go at creating a proper link to my post on Effexor.</a >

  4. cjsysreform Says:

    Oh rats! I did it wrong again. I am useless. (ok, perhaps not entirely)

  5. I take Effexor as well, after trying several other meds. It’s so true – if you miss a day, you quickly realize how much the medicine helps. Found myself grinning, and teary-eyed as well, as I read your posts…you’ve described my situation to a tee. And how wonderful to have a supportive family! God truly blesses us with them, with doctors, with “friends” via these blogs. God bless you and yours.

  6. I can remember being able to tell within hours of when I missed a pill. That was ESPECIALLY true with anxiety medication. Drives me crazy.

    A part of what I have found when I am on edge is that I simply need to walk away from the situation, whatever the situation is. I can get angry so easily, it frankly scares me. It is a miracle to me that Solomon didn’t pray for patience. I could use an extra dose most days.


  7. I don’t have the same effect with anger, I have it with anxiety. If I miss my medication, oh boy, look out! And my hubby thought I was bad in tunnels, on bridges, and parking garages! Every little thing is fretted about to the point it makes me physically ill.

    One thing a doc recommended to me when I first started my meds is to have a couple of “stashes” in different places. For example, one pill in a pill box in my purse, one at my parents’ house where I visited frequently just in case I forgot, and one in my backpack that I took to school, just so that I would have one at all times when I got that panic pang that remembered I am medicineless. If you do that, make sure that you switch those pills out once a month, always using your new bottle to replenish the “stash” so nothing expires or gets overexposed to the elements and loses effectiveness.

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